What are annual dues and why should I pay them?

The purpose of our class treasury is to support class activities, connecting classmates with each other and the College. Annual dues help our treasury grow so that we can support our 2017 alumnae and hold events for us to reconnect.  The larger our treasury is, the more we can subsidize our reunion in 5 years or offer financial assistance to our classmates so we can all participate.


What is a Class Lifetime Membership?

The Class Lifetime Membership is a one-time donation to our class that gives you a lifelong membership to our class, and thus membership pricing for events.  The money donated through lifetime membership dues are compiled and invested into the endowment, and we collect interest from the amount we donate.  This money will grow overtime and continue to invest in our treasury and will help bolster the endowment simultaneously.


What is the difference between giving to our class and the Wellesley Fund?

The Wellesley Fund supports the College, not our Class, and goes into immediate use.  The Wellesley Fund finances Financial Aid, Student and Faculty Research, and the maintenance and restoration of residential buildings.  Participation in giving to the Wellesley Fund as alumnae increase the school’s rankings and demonstrates the strength of alumnae network.


What does tax deductible mean and does it apply to me?

Under Section 501 (c) (3) of the IRS tax code, all Wellesley classes are tax-exempt, nonprofit subordinates of the Wellesley College Alumnae Association. Therefore, all class dues are tax deductible as long as they are used in a manner that is consistent with the IRS code provisions for non profit organization activities.


Check out this article on “how stuff works” for a quick crash course on “Tax Deductible” and how your donation to our class or the Wellesley Fund can help decrease your tax burden.



I want to help organize events and keep us close! How do I get invovled?

Fill out this form and let us know where you are and how you would like to help.  As new alums, we can use all the help we can get! Please let us know if you would like to host events, help support our website, or donate/create merchandise for our class store.