Hello Class of 2017,


Congratulations! We did it! 25 of our classmates have invested in our legacy by purchasing Class Lifetime Memberships! The Wellesley College Alumnae Association will now invest an additional $1500 bonus in the endowment in our name, from which will earn interest into perpetuity. This brings us to a grand total of $4,675 dollars invested and raised within our first two years as alumnae. This is a great accomplishment!  You can still make your Class Lifetime Membership purchase for $127 and get a spirit bag as supplies last. In June, CLM prices will rise to $217, invest now at the discounted price by sending a venmo to @wellsco2017 or visit here to get your CLM. As we grow our treasury, we grow our funds to sponsor our mini-reunions and reunions to come!  Don’t forget, Class Lifetime Memberships are also a tax-deductible donation and you will receive documentation to file with your taxes.



What are all you up to this March? A new job, a new TV show on Netflix, a new favorite restaurant?  Send us an update to Maddie.


Time for a change and moving to a new city? Be sure to login to our website and update your information so that you will be invited to local Wellesley events.  Events are happening all over the country, look up your local club and see what they are up to.


And as always, reach out if you want to get involved!


All the best,


Class of 2017 Alumnae Council


Visit https://www.alum.wellesley.edu/events.html for events near you our checkout your local club website.